Stars & Love Life Dianna Agron

Welcome to 'Love Life Lowdown', where we check out the guys lucky enough to have dated 'Glee' star Dianna Agron. Back in 2008 Dianna was seen with James Franco's younger brother Dave Franco. Unfortunately this wasn't meant to last as they split up after dating for a year. After this Agron had a string of romances, with 'Gossip Girl's' Sebastian Stan, Avenger Chris Evans and 'Paranormal Activity 3 & 4' director Henry Joost. She also had a one year relationship with her 'I Am Number Four' co-star Alex Pettyfer. In 2012 she was seen with British actor Christian Cooke. There were rumors the two were having a relationship, however this was never actually confirmed. The latest chapter in Dianna's busy love life is Austrian designer Nick Mathers. This romance is new but reportedly pretty serious.
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